Global Education Institute

Global Education Workshops are information packed full-day programs on global education for teachers and administrators. The Workshops are a hands-on intensive that provides you with everything from global perspectives to lesson plans and supplementary materials for the next day’s classroom—delivered by educators with over 60 years of global education experience.


of the Global Education Workshops is to provide teachers and administrators with the information and experience they need to establish a new global education program, deepen and enrich existing programs, and to provide an inspiring and invigorating intellectual experience.


By attending Global Education Workshops you will get:

  • Continuing professional development credits.
  • A CD ROM packed with over $1,000 worth of the latest books and reports from the UN and dozens of other international agencies on the state of the world, energy, climate, food, water, economy, population, education, health and other topics.
  • A second CD ROM with ten short global education related movies. To preview any of these, see here.
  • Real Lives 2010, the brand new version of the award winning software that allows your students to live a life in any country in the world. See Educational Simulations for exciting details on what you can do with this program.
  • Ten global education classroom activities you can do the next day at your school.
  • Two global ed lesson plans tailored to your curriculum and class—developed by you using our GlobalEd Templates.
  • Handouts, Power Points, lesson plans, and links to hundreds of online global education resources, games, and simulations.
  • Presentations on Global Education 101, Integrating Global Ed Into Your Curriculum, Bringing the World Into Your Classroom Through Videoconferencing, Global Education Service Learning, Global Problem Solving, Working with the UN, Global Education Funding Sources, and other topics.
  • Post-workshop support for locating schools for communication exchanges, discounts for GEM video conferences, priority selection for UN based conferences, and other products and services notification.

Cost and Scheduling

Cost of attending a Global Education Workshop is $275 for one educator, or $225 for two or more from the same school. For school districts and other educational groupings: 10 to 25 teachers are $200 each; 26 to 50 teachers are $180 each. Partial scholarships are available in special circumstances. A minimum of 20 participants are needed to host a Global Education Workshop.

“The future is already here. It just hasn't been distributed yet.” —William Gibson

Download Global Education Workshop PDF flyer.

For more information and booking:  or call 610.566.0156 or schedule a program