World PeaceGame

The smaller the world the more important the peace.

The World PeaceGame puts you and your class, school, or organization in charge of bringing peace to the world. A wide variety of local, regional, national and global conflict situations are available to focus on. Want to try to bring peace to the Middle East? The Congo? Iraq? India/Pakistan? The hot spot this week? The World PeaceGame puts you in a position to do so.

How It Works
BigPictureSmallWorld and you decide on what the focus of your World PeaceGame will be. Then we comes to your location and run the game. Participants join teams that are in charge of the various sides of a given conflict. They receive GameCards that structure the game and inform the various participants of the situation they are embedded within, and their positions. A multimedia program drives the entire event forward.

In the course of the World PeaceGame players communicate, negotiate, resolve conflicts, set goals, solve problems and use their values, vision, creativity, and imagination as they work together to build peace. The game is highly structured yet free-flowing; information rich, yet easy to learn and play; as well as intense, fast, and fun. Players learn about the complexities of conflict, the costs of war, the price of peace, and what can be done to resolve conflicts in ways that bring peace to the world. And as in the real world, they can also lose. Players in the World PeaceGame begin as adversaries—and if successful— end as colleagues.

The World PeaceGame provides a framework for understanding the world and creating a culture of peace that leads not to just a world without war, but a just world where the exciting, dynamic possibilities of a world that works for 100% of humanity becomes a tangible and affordable reality.

Objectives of the World PeaceGame:
• Increase participants understanding of complex and interrelated global issues
• Increase understanding of the dynamics of conflict, peace, peace building, sustainable and just peace and development
• Provide experience and training in communicating, negotiating, resolving conflict and reaching agreement
• Provide an outlet for the creativity, imagination, energy and enthusiasm of the participants, and channel this towards bringing peace to and deepening peace in the world
• Connect participants to a way of seeing and getting involved in the world that does not stop when the "game" stops
• Turn the "audience" into participants and turn the participants into engaged citizens after the "game"
• Have a fun time working together.

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