BigPicture Leadership Game

The future is created by those who can lead.

Youth LeadershipOverview
The youth of the world have consistently changed the world for the better. Now it is your student's turn. Young people need to be engaged as leaders, and to assume their leadership positions on a global stage.

What it is
The BigPicture Leadership Game is an interactive, experiential program that places 10 or more (up to 200) of your students in charge of their own life and challenges them to come up with a strategic plan for the next five to ten years. It also challenges them to take a leadership position in one or more of the communities in which they are members. (It also provides the tools to do all of this.) In the BigPicture Leadership Game students are engaged in a mix of multi-person activities, individual exercises, discussion and action. Your students learn how to be leaders, then practice what they’ve learned.

This plan incorporates what they are doing, and want to be doing, at your school and the other communities in which they participate. The Game enables your students to see how they fit into the “big picture” and how to make changes in their community through their leadership. Typical programs run three to five hours, depending on your needs, but shorter programs are available.

The Leadership Game is a playful way of dealing with one of the most serious subjects there is—who am I and what am I going to do? The Game provides the space and organizational tools to also answer, "How am I going to do what I need to do?"

The Leadership Game informs and inspires through examples of youth that have exercised their leadership to change the world. It points out the everyday opportunities for youth leadership in contemporary society—and provides the tools for leadership that youth can use immediately. The program connects the problems of our local and global communities with leadership opportunities in ways that empower students and resonate with their values.

The Leadership Game begins with a brief interactive exercise that involves the entire audience in determining and exercising the qualities of leadership that everyone possesses and uses. Vision, values, knowledge, communication, character, initiative, risk taking, perseverance, problem solving, integrity, and action are illustrated in the context of our rapidly changing global technology, economy and culture. Youth's role as change agents, students as leaders of change, the role of education in increasing the power and effectiveness of leadership, responsible leadership in the 21st century, and leadership roles for youth in today's world are all covered in a multimedia, interactive mode.

Special attention is paid to what the world should and could be like—with the student's leadership. Additional leadership activities involve students in problem solving, envisioning, and communication. Topics are woven together in ways that make academic subjects relevant and important, and provides a creative path for students to get involved in their world. Numerous leadership development activities that involve self discovery, values clarification, goal setting, action planning, communication, and group problem solving permeate the training. Students come away with an increased understanding of their world and what they can do to as leaders to make it a better place.

In summary: The BigPicture Leadership Game is an excellent way of increasing your student’s leadership capacity and desire to get involved—and it does so in a relatively short amount of time while students are having fun.

(This program is delivered by Medard Gabel, author of six books on global issues and consultant to governments and corporations throughout the world.)

Basic Facts
Number of participants: 10 to 200
Duration: 3 to 5 hours
Equipment: One LCD projector, screen, sound system
For more information and booking: email or call 610.566.0156.