The FutureGame— Where YOU create the future!

This is an event you will not forget! As your future unfolds, what happened in the FutureGame only gets more and more real.

FutureGameThe FutureGame is a fast-paced multimedia simulation for 10 to 200 players that places you in charge of the future. As the game unfolds, players respond to the roller-coaster twists and turns of the next ten to twenty years. Before the ride is over, players learn about the challenges and opportunities of the coming years, envision the future they want, create the path to attaining it, and discern what they need to do to make it real.

The FutureGame can be used in a variety of settings—

  • A fun activity that furthers and deepens social interaction and personal understanding
  • As a leadership development and personal planner process
  • A serious tool for creative problem solving that can be focused on a specific topic
  • At an event to commemorate an important anniversary
  • At the launch of a new organization or annual event
  • As a strategic planning tool for your organization or school
  • As a fun, interactive event that keeps people talking for months (and remembering for years)

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Why the FutureGame?
The current rate of change is unprecedented—and getting faster. Options disappear almost as fast as new ones emerge. In the time it took you to read this, 45,000 international phone calls were made, 16 million e-mails sent, and a million more transistors have been added to the world. The FutureGame is a powerful tool that provides perspective and strategic insight that will help you move into the future you want.

The FutureGame is also fun, informative and learning-packed. Participants come away with a new and empowered perspective on the future, their own life, and how to make their dreams real. On top of this, it's a blast!

“The future is already here. It just hasn't been distributed yet.” —William Gibson

Earth, as seen from Mars.

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