Globalization 101

Ready or not— globalization has changed everything. It is the most powerful force shaping our culture, economy and lives. Its growth, spread and depth has created challenges and opportunities for every country, region, city and person. Globalization has made the world smaller by substituting speed, connection and complexity for distance. It has interconnected everything with everything else in ever more effective and profound ways, linking you to the world. What does this mean for your students and the world?

We are all global citizens— whether we know it or like it— and that is the fundamental fact of our age. There are global prerogatives and responsibilities that come with this new reality, and the sooner we are aware of them the sooner we can avoid being a victim of globalization and the sooner we can take advantage of its opportunities.

Globalization is here and now. And as it becomes more pervasive and powerful in integrating us all into one global culture and economy, it is also the future. And the future is not to be feared, it is to created and planned.

This interactive program is designed to provide you with a global perspective, a big picture view on the forces shaping today's world, insights into what is happening in your local area, and what globalization means to you on a personal level.

Audience-involving activities pack the event. They are fun, exploratory, and learning-filled.



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