Medard Gabel . . .

Medard Gabelhas conducted workshops, consulted, and given lectures for over 400 corporations, colleges, universities, high schools, organizations, and governments throughout the world—including the U.S. Congress, United Nations, GM, IBM, and Motorola. (For a more detailed list, see here.)

He is the former executive director of the World Game Institute, a UN-affiliated NGO. He worked with Buckminster Fuller for 12 years where he learned the power and utility of whole systems thinking, global perspectives and a good sense of humor. Mr. Gabel has been designing, developing, and delivering experiential educational programs since 1970. He is currently the CEO of BigPictureSmallWorld and BigPicture Consulting, and is the author of six books on global problems, resources and strategies, the global energy situation, the global food situation, the U.S. food system, planning, and multinational corporations.

BigPictureSmallWorld can be reached at:

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