Climate changes in your lifetime

This interactive presentation deals with the fundamentals and latest—up to this week's— scientific findings regarding climate change, it's causes, impacts, doubters, and what we can do about climate change today.

Climate Change: Real or Myth presentation is an update on whatever you know or think you know about climate change. Given the continuing existence of climate change doubters this program examines the positions and ideology of those who still cling to the notion that climate change is not real, or not caused by human activities, or is not something to be alarmed about, or is something we can not do anything about—or, given current financial system collapse, is something we can not afford to do anything about.

Climate Change: Real or Myth is 60 to 90 minutes.

(This program is delivered by Medard Gabel, author of six books on global problems, energy, food, climate change, and other topics. Trained by Al Gore as presenter of the "An Inconvenient Truth" program, and developer of numerous simulations for governments, corporations and organizations. Mr. Gabel has presented programs for the UN, US Congress, GM, IBM, Motorola, and colleges and universities around the world See here for a list.)

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“The future is already here. It just hasn't been distributed yet.” —William Gibson

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