BigPicture Orientation Program—the ORIENTATION GAME!

From high school to college, from living at home to living away from home; from old friends to new friends, new teachers, classes, and rules; from home town to new town, environment, culture, expectations, responsibilities, and freedoms—there's a lot going on in the transformation you go through when you come to a new school!

For students to get the most from their new school or semester they need to see the big picture—how their studies connect to the real world, and how what they are about to do is the most important thing in the world.

The ORIENTATION GAME connects the dots—and creates a picture that informs, inspires, and empowers students. The ORIENTATION GAME is fun, engaging, fast-paced, and thoughtful. It gets students motivated as it provides perspective on their new school, community, friends, teachers, expectations, options, and responsibilities.

The ORIENTATION GAME puts students in change of their life—and then has them play out the next five years. They become players in an epic drama in which they are the lead characters. As the game begins, they formulate a vision for where they want to be in 5 years. From this they develop a plan of action for what they need to do and accomplish in the next four years to attain their goal.

Students become strategic planners for their lives. They assume the role of active change agent rather than passive observes as the simulation challenges them with the opportunities of their life. Players win the ORIENTATION GAME by gaining points for each level they attain. "Winning" the game begins the path to winning the real game of life.

The game is fun, informative, and inspiring. Students come away with an increased knowledge and understanding of the incredible transformations they are going through as they enter college, their role in the world around them, and what they need to do to "win" the real game that is happening in their life.

While playing the ORIENTATION GAME students are engaged in a mix of multi-person activities, individual exercises, and discussion. Stunning multimedia graphics and sound drive the game forward. Setting the context for the game is state of the planet information that provides students an overview of the world, their role in that world, and the critical importance of their education. They leave better informed about the world, enthusiastic about what they can do in the coming years at your school— and thoroughly entertained!

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