CityGame Where YOU lead your region

Collaborative problem solving and planning for your town

The CityGame puts you in charge of a major city and challenges you with current real world urban problems. How will you deal with crime, toxic waste sites, unemployment, a shrinking tax base, air pollution, deteriorating infrastructure, lack of health care, a 50% high school dropout rate, poverty, diabetes and asthma epidemics, increasingly expensive energy? Find out in the CityGame!

The CityGame is a fast-paced multimedia simulation for 10 to 200 people that puts you in a leadership position and allows you to make a difference. Sophisticated, yet easy to play, the game helps participants learn about the complexities of our urban environment. Suitable for high school and above.

Why the CityGame?
Our problems are all interconnected. Our solutions should be too.

The CityGame puts you into a collaborative problem solving environment where limited resources, real world challenges, and your vision, values and creativity collide. It helps participants see the big picture, work together, and solve problems. The CityGame can also be customized for your city. Inquire for details.

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