“The most astonishing thing about Spaceship Earth: it didn't come with an operating manual”

—R. Buckminster Fuller

About BigPictureSmallWorld

BigPictureSmallWorld Inc. is dedicated to providing quality educational, training, and consulting programs that inform, inspire and empower. We work with schools, colleges, corporations, and organizations around the world. Our mission is to turn information overload into sensible knowledge that leads to effective action. More specifically, we seek to motivate and excite students, executives, and others about the wonders and challenges of the global predicament and how we can participate in shaping the world to match our values. We use simulations, games, web movies, lectures, assemblies, teacher development, consulting, books, and curriculum materials toward this purpose.

We are located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area of the United States. BigPictureSmallWorld was founded by Medard Gabel.

BigPictureSmallWorld can be reached at:

281 Bishop Hollow Road
Media, PA 19063
fax 1.610.566.7890
or via e-mail