Experiential Learning Games

Experiential programs where we learn a huge amount about critical issues in a short period of time while having fun. Our programs are interactive simulations delivered by our staff at your school. We do assemblies and other on-site programs for colleges, high schools and organizations around the world. Typically, these cost around $1,000 to $1,500 plus expenses. —> More>>

Global Education Lab for teachers

A hands-on intensive that provides you with everything from global perspectives to lesson plans and supplementary materials for the next day’s classroom—delivered by educators with over 60 years of global education experience. More>>

Design Science Lab

For students, teachers, professionals—where solutions to global and local problems are developed—by you. More>>

Global Learning Resources

For you: Movies, Research, Blog and more

Earth Dashboard

If you were flying Spaceship Earth, this is what you would want on the dashboard. See here.