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Myopia vs. Utopia

We are not called to be apathetic couch potatoes, zombied out shopaholic nihilistic observers of holocaust.  We are called to be commandoes of the anti-apocalypse. We are called to be problem solvers, builders of the future, visionary designers of utopia, holders of the light, trustees of hope and the future. Visionaries. Players. Designers. Lovers of life. That’s our job. Here is what we are up against:

Present day problem solving is the attempt to solve 20-year systemic problems with four year piece-meal solutions staffed by bureaucrats with one-year appointments approved by politicians who can not see beyond the next election or vacation—which ever comes first— and who were elected by people who think Fox News and Disneyland are accurate representations of the real world and who think bad news will go away—like Britney Spears— if ignored long enough, and who see adversity as an excuse to go shopping. The best that can come out of this is something that will fail slowly.

Meanwhile, the power structure that is behind all this has plundered the past and bankrupted the future, all for an unsustainable present for the fearful and greed-sick few. That power structure has poisoned our waters, smogged our air, eroded our lands, clear-cut our forests and clogged the oceans with the debris of what some wit referred to as civilization. It has obeseified our children, stolen our savings in the greatest heist and transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich in the history of the world— while it uses our taxes to mount campaigns of mass destruction, fund unauthorized wars on the world’s poor and bailouts for the compulsive greed of the 1% super-rich. It has no moral compunction about 47 million Americans living below the poverty line, with no access to affordable health care and needing food stamps to feed their children—nor the more than 1 billion living on less than $1.25 per day in the rest of the world. It has stolen our elections, assassinated our leaders and substituted the unthinking dogma of patriotism, nationalism and economic growth for strategic forethought, global awareness and compassion. It sees peace and justice as empty slogans and weakness, and global interconnection as a plot of the devil to limit American dominance— not realizing that that train left five decades ago.

We need to see this beast for what it is. We need to use our tools, creativity, values, vision, consciousness and love to overcome it through a revolution that undermines its greed, destroys its self-centered myopia, and brings a perspective that enlarges, ennobles and engages the higher angels to make the world work for all. We need to make obsolete the basis of exclusive wealth that thrives on the poverty of others and justifies greed in the name of economic growth.  We need to stop confusing more with better, money with wealth, power with importance and self-interest with morality.  Let’s turn the world around and inside out.  Let’s create the society of fun, where the arc of transcendent possibilities crosses and sparks with the here and now. Let’s make the world anew and see it through— all the way to you.


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