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Poem of Possibilities

Let’s not confuse
More with better,
Money with wealth,
Speed with importance,
Or self-interest with morality.

Let’s not confuse
Decoration with design,
Acceleration with celebration,
Trend with destiny,
Anticipation with anticipatory,
Apathy with contentment,
Making money with making sense,
Value with cost,
Or the whole with what’s left (or right, or what we know).

Let’s not confuse
What goes up with what comes down,
Or dirt with the ground
Or transcendence with unconsciousness.

Let’s not confuse
Human potential with human being,
Making the world work and working the world,
Or transition with transformation.

Let’s turn the world around and inside out
Let’s make the world anew and see it through to you.
The society of fun,
The children of the Moon,
The design of the future,
The arc of transcendent possibilities
Crossing and sparking with the here and now
In the phone inside your heart, ringing, unanswerable.
The dome of possibilities under the cloud of love, saying
We have to get it right this time.

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