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Peace is a process of healing, growth and development that leads to increased health. What  health is to the human body, peace is to the world body. Just as there is health care, the world needs peace care, just as there is preventative health care and holistic health care, we need preventative peace care and comprehensive preventative peace care programs, facilities and personnel.  We need peace care for a diseased world that will lead to a healthy peace in a healing world. Just as the body reports pain, the world body needs a similar monitoring system.

Because coercion is a form of violence, peace is non-coercive.  Being non-coercive, peace is flexible.  Being flexible, peace is also diverse.  Being diverse and flexible, peace is redundant, synergetic and able to grow.  Being able to grow and synergetic, peace is able to expand, deepen, develop new forms and evolve.  Being evolutionary, peace has undeveloped unrecognized and unknown potentials and emergent properties.  Being flexible and diverse, peace is able to accommodate and deal with conflict. Being redundant, synergetic, able to grow and evolve and full of potential, peace is a living system.  As a living system, peace is information-intensive, not energy-or material-or capital-intensive.  Being based on information, peace is multiplied by being divided, not made more scarce.  Peace’s abundance is increased the more it is shared. Because peace is non-coercive, peace is non-ideological.  Being non-ideological, peace is leaderless.  Because peace is leaderless, peace has to be spontaneously co-ordinated, not coercively, centrally planned.  If peace is people centered, it is not leader directed.  Being leaderless, peace is of necessity based on literacy.  Being based on literacy, the more literate the more people are, the larger will the foundation of peace be.  Peace is desirable.  Being desirable, peace pulls the world toward it.  Because peace is desirable, we want peace to grow, expand in depth and extent geographically, economically, technologically, politically and psychologically.

Peace is strenghtened by increasing diversity, flexibility and synergy.  These are strengthened by increasing the amount of information in the system.  This is furthered by increasing the amount of literacy in the system.  With literacy, the individual and community can use information in more powerful ways. To give peace the chance it needs to thrive, deepen and take over this planet, we need to increase the amount of information in the global system at the local level.

Centralized decision making leads to concentrated information and power–the opposite of literacy.  When this happens, there is less and less information in the whole system.  We need to maximize the flexibility of the whole system, not the intransigence of the power system.  We need to distribute information into the hands and minds of those people who will be benefited or victimized by the consequences of any given decision.  We need to increase decentralized decision making–that is, literacy,  To do this, we need to furnish the world, and the local system within the world context, with a monitoring system to become aware of its problems, alternatives and possible outcomes. We need to make the monitoring systems information available to everyone on earth so peace can spontaneously be coordinated at every level. Peace, like consciousness, is based on a sensory system. Just as intense pain eliminates the individual consciousness and all the dignity, beauty and intelligence of human life–language is reduced to a scream or a cry, beauty and dignity eliminated altogether–so too war and pain in the world body eliminates the possibility of a collective consciousness of humanity.

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