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Myopia vs. Utopia

We are not called to be apathetic couch potatoes, zombied out shopaholic nihilistic observers of holocaust. We are called to be commandoes of the anti-apocalypse. We are called to be problem solvers, builders of the future, visionary designers of utopia, holders of the light, trustees of hope and the future. Visionaries. Players. Designers. Lovers of […]


Peace is a process of healing, growth and development that leads to increased health. What health is to the human body, peace is to the world body. Just as there is health care, the world needs peace care, just as there is preventative health care and holistic health care, we need preventative peace care and […]

Revolutionary Acts

Revolutionary Acts

Seeing the whole is a revolutionary act. Understanding the context is a source of power. The power of information is in its ability to provide insight for effective action. The more efficient and effective an action the more power it has. The more leveraged an action, the more power it has. You gain […]

Spirits Grow to Include the Whole

Spirits Grow to Include the Whole

“Higher beings include more and more living things within their self-story, until at last, there is no Other.” —Orson Scott Card, The Xenocide

Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

“Ethics is knowledge of interconnection.” —Aldo Leopold

Consciousness moves towards the whole. As your spirit […]

Transformations Start as Religion and End as Technology

One of the great and ancient spiritual truths is that we are all one. In today’s world this has taken on new meaning. “We are all one” is no longer just a spiritual cliché; it is now, thanks to the even more ancient and never-ending processes of globalization, a technological, economic and cultural reality as […]

More big pictures

What is the BIG picture? A picture is a frame around a single view. In photographic parlance it is a single photo, a shot. The big picture is what is outside this shot. The surrounding. The big picture is everything that didn’t fit into the picture frame.

The picture photo freezes and frames both […]

Design Science 1.0

Imagine this: It’s fifteen years from now. There are about eight billion people in the world. There are about one billion people left who are living at the bottom of the economic pyramid. They are without access to adequate food, clean water, sanitation, health care, education, clean and sufficient energy supplies or a healthy environment. […]

More BigPicture Thinking

BigPicture thinking is context; it is at least one hierarchy order removed from the system you are analyzing. […]

Global Perspectives

Global Education in a Round and Flat World

Globalization is a verb, not a noun. Global education should be the same.

The world is definitely round— I’ve seen the picture—and nothing you or the equally brilliant Tom Friedman says is going to make it flat.

And, the world economy is flat —I‘ve seen the diagram—and […]

Big Pictures

If you can’t solve a problem, enlarge it. […]